Facebook Sponsorship Benefits!

  • FREE reading drawing! Held once per week!
  • 10% discount on Readings!
  • Name as Treasured Sponsor
  • Invitations to Sponsors Only Readings!
  • First to know any news that is happening… when I do live readings, events, etc.
  • Exclusive content!
  • Supporter-only polls & Q&A’s!
  • Access to my content catalog!
  • Recognition with shout outs!
  • Shoutouts for special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays!

You can access all this and more by clicking the link below!


2 thoughts on “Facebook Sponsorship Benefits!

  1. kristina

    I paid to become a supporter today on FB but I am not finding info for supporters just invitations to become one

    1. Sherry Wood

      Hi Kristina, You will be notified of Supporter Only FB readings with a hashtag. #Supporters Thanks for becoming a sponsor, we apprecite it!

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