Moon water, like the moon itself, is a universal cleanser. It attracts positive energies and clears negative ones; it has been blessed with healing intentions to optimize its natural properties of purification while also aiding in de-stressing your mind from all worries for calming.

Moon water is a sacred liquid that can be used to cleanse and purify your spirit. The moon has the ability to attract positive energies, so it comes as no surprise when applied to rooms you are in (office, home, car)- this holy liquid will help you experience good vibes all day long! Blessed with healing intentions, this elixir of life restores balance in autonomic nervous systems for deep sleep and healthy digestion.
When it comes to cleansing the mind and body, sage essential oils are a must. This plant is known for its ability in stimulating and clarifying thought patterns while exhibiting an uplifting effect on the individual as well as balancing their sense of sight. The North American natives have long used bundles of this aromatic herb in practices they call smudging; through these rituals negative moods can be soothed with ease! 

Expert and Indian communities alike have known the benefits of Sage for centuries. The Lakota Indians called it “master herb” because its cleansing properties help improve health, while Medieval Europeans nicknamed it “Sage the Savior” in recognition of all that this plant does to benefit humanity.

The uses of lemon essential oil include easing anxiety, elevating mood, stimulating the immune system, alleviating pain and promoting weight loss. Lemon oils are often used to help ease stress and promote a positive mood because it has been shown that these compounds have an effect on our brain activity by enhancing neurotransmitters such as dopamine which is associated with feeling happy.

Sea Salt. The importance of negative ions to your mood and health is increasingly becoming a popular topic in the media. Negative ion exposure for as little as 15 minutes has been shown to have positive effects on: chronic pain, sleep quality, joint flexibility over time improving healing time also decreasing dust levels by 50% due to their anti-bacterial properties. A recent study found that 95% fewer bacteria were present when exposed compared with those who weren’t given access at all or whose windows were closed while they slept.

Negative Ions — alleviates chronic pain; improves sleep, joint pain and blood circulation nad 95% decrease in airborne bacteria.

Lavender is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils used in aromatherapy. Thought to promote relaxation, Lavender can be applied topically or diffused for a feeling that promotes wellness both physically and mentally. The aroma has been shown to relieve anxiety, fungal infections, allergies when inhaled directly from an inhaler bottle or lotion form- depending on severity; depression by easing negative thoughts; insomnia via soothing scent as well as other properties not yet confirmed but believed it may also help treat eczema through topical application over inflamed skin areas while reducing pain associated with menstruation cramps.

A couple of incatations that you say during the cleansing of your spaces… 

  • Blessed be, by the moon and the power of 3. (say 3 times)
  • May this space be blessed by the light of the moon; that it becomes as the moon is – luminous and capable of positive change. May this water cleanse, purify, heal me with harmony in my space.  
  • I’ll start you off with a spell to change your mood into one that is more positive or happy! Say this three times: “Blessed Be”

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by Sherry Wood

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