Intuitive coaching

Transform your life in as little as 8-weeks!

Find joy, happiness and peace in your life with the help of intuitive coaching by internationally renowned medium, Jon Crawley.

Intuitive coaching will answer questions about your life and find out what’s blocking you from achieving the happiness you deserve. Discover more about anxiety, stress, the law of attraction, relationships, and achieving your best self.

Each session is tailored to you and your own energy. Jon will help you uncover the history behind your energetic connection and how you can shift this energy and experience life-changing effects.

If you have questions or are unsure if this is right for you, Jon is offering an introductory energetic field consult for $30. If you decide to purchase the 8-session coaching package afterward, we will deduct the $30 from the total package price. Purchase Consult

What do you get?

An 8 session package where you’ll meet with Jon one on one, via Zoom, to help you find joy, happiness and peace. Each session is approximately 3o minutes.


An 8 session package is $600 USD and dates/times can be booked at your convenience.

Purchase Coaching Session Package

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