Intuitive Development Class

Everyone is a medium. Yes, everyone can communicate with Spirit and connect with the energy that is all around you to find the answers you want. Energy is in everything – plants, people, furniture, rocks – everything. You can learn to read that energy and use it to improve your intuition and connection with Spirit. 

My new online Intuitive Development class will help you learn how to improve your connection to Spirit and become your own psychic, no matter what level of experience you have. Through tools and specific techniques, you will learn how Spirit interacts with the physical world, how to develop your intuition, and unlock your own psychic gifts.

This class is for all ability levels. Whether you are a natural Medium, or just learning to awaken your spiritual strengths, the Intuitive Development class will assist you in focusing your awareness and develop your intuitive abilities so that you can find joy and happiness in your life, and help those around you.

Classes are on going, Thursdays from 7 to 9 p.m. EST

One night introductory drop-in rate of $25 USD, or 6-week class for$150 USD.

What Will You Learn?

By the participating in this class, you will learn how to:

  • Access your Higher Consciousness (Spirit) to obtain information and guidance
  • Using guided meditation and relaxation techniques to connect with Spirit
  • How Spirit energy interacts with the physical world
  • Understanding and Connecting with Spirit Guides
  • How to find answers for your life by connecting with your own Spirit energy
  • Tools for getting the information you seek
  • How to connect with Spirit Guides and Loved Ones who have crossed over
  • Understanding how to recognize messages from Spirit
  • Connecting with your chakras and your energy body
  • And much more!

You will need to have a Zoom account to participate in the class. You can sign up for Zoom for free at  

One night introductory drop-in rate of $25 USD, or 6-week class for$150 USD.