Meditation is the doorway to the connection with your Inner Self and to Source. Taking time to be still, focused, and open to all the universe has to offer can help you build a bridge from your physical body to your psychic energy.

Meditation is not an exercise, but a state of being. It requires regular practice and persistence to learn to become still within and let go of the many thoughts and images that may come to you. While certain things can improve your meditation, there is no one “right way” to practice meditation. You can do it while sitting, laying down, or even walking. Learning to focus your mind and connect with the energy of your Higher Self will enable you to practice meditation wherever you are.

Your monthly subscription includes weekly training classes that will focus on different tools and techniques to improve your connection to Source, including:

  • Learning to focus and use the breath
  • Alignment
  • Removing Blockages
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Healing
  • Accessing Your Intuition/Higher Self
  • Mindfulness
    And more….
Jon Crawley Meditation

Meditation training classes are held in a private Facebook group twice weekly; on Wednesdays and Sundays from 9-10pm.

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