Valued Supporters

These are listings of our valued supporters. We love them so much!

You can become a Valued Supporters as well, this is what they get.

supporters When you become a Supporter, you receive these benefits!

  1. FREE reading drawing! Held once per week!
  2. 10% discount on Full Readings!! Email us for link.
  3. Name as Treasured Sponsor
  4. Invitations to Sponsors Only Readings!
  5. First to know any news that is happening…
    when I do live readings, events, etc.
  6. Exclusive content!
  7. Access to my content catalog!
  8. Recognition with shout outs!
  9. Special occasions like
    anniversaries or birthdays!

You can access all this and more by clicking the link below!
  • Ashley Haley
  • Roxann Jones
  • Angela Stover
  • Tammie Lee Johnson
  • Brenda Kay (Simonton) Kopka
  • Crystal New
  • Linda Winger
  • Janice Klassen
  • Unitie Cervantes-Herrera
  • Sam Duncan Kahler
  • Kay Johnson 
  • Michelle Miles
  • Scott Richardson
  • Debra Tate
  • Big Mike Davern 
  • Carmela Trochesset
  • Rebecca Courtney
  • Connie Colliver
  • Alexandra Zabala
  • Jasmine Ross
  • Tina Outlaw
  • Brooke Lane
  • Christina Keith
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