What is it?

Connect With Your Loved Ones On The Other Side

A reading with Jonathan Crawley will help you connect with Spirit and find answers to the questions that you have. It will be a positive and fulfilling experience that is both powerful and enlightening.

What to expect during your reading

During your reading,  you will be provided with details and information about your loved ones, as well as things that are going on in your own life today.  Jonathan will be able to touch on all areas of your life and give you guidance from your loved ones on the other side.

You are welcome to make your own recording of the session.



The validations that Jonathan’s clients receive during their readings are powerful and enlightening. Here are a few comments from recent clients. You can find more reviews and comments on the Facebook page.

You may submit your own testimonial using the form at the bottom of the pate.

He was so on point with me. He’s a great guy and takes the time to really listen. He said things to me that really was spot on!! I had two readings with him so far. – Maria

This guy is amazing I have seen a lot of videos and watched a lot of his lives he has touched many people back with their loved ones with spiritual readings some very amazing words – Regina

Truly fantastic. Jon is very gifted and delivers the messages perfectly! In awe ♥ 🙂 –Melinda

Highly recommended, absolutely amazing. Beautiful soul – Colette

Such a wonderful Christmas present through Jon, he contacted with my loved ones and felt my little brother. Details were amazing! Thank you Jon!! – Julia

I love how patient he is and accurate his readings are. – Amalia

Absolutely amazing. Especially about my grandfather. Mind blowing because things were mentioned that I don’t talk about. – Brandi

It was a different type of experience than I expected. But in a much more positive sense. I felt like I got a lot of things answered. And a lot of things told to me that I’m looking forward to. Definitely worth the experience. – Sarah

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